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[IP] talk @ brain damage...

> Am I a real idiot?


> Wait,  let me continue before everyone answers YES
> :-)  Last night I am pumping to compensate for the "Captain D's" fried
> feast bonanza (ha,ha) I am eating and it starts clicking and gets to
> about 5 units and starts that "Beep, Beep, Beep" we all hate to hear...I
> had the tubing underneath the clip on the back of the pump!!!!!!!
> Please tell me someone else has done this...I was soooo mad at
> myself!!!  When I get undressed after work I have noticed a few times
> that the tubing is all caught up in the clip.  Does everyone keep that
> clip on?!?!?  Do some people NOT use it?!?!?  I was considering taking
> it off but it would be pretty much impossible the more I thought about
> it!  I just had to ask if anyone else has ever had this problem...don't
> let me be the only one  :-}
> - -Tonya D.

Tonya, taking the clip off is easy, but it takes a bit of working out
the first time! There's a tab with 5 dimples that almost sticks over the
edge of the casing. Prize it slightly away from the casing, towards the
clip, and at the same time slide the whole clip unit sideways.
Hey-presto! The clip comes off. Just slide it back in and it clicks back
into place. Lovely bit of design there from Minimed...

I take the clip off at night when I take my pump to bed. I know some
people put it in sock. I also take it off if I put the pump in my
trouser pocket. But normally it's clipped on my belt.

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