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[IP] pumper pals

Just wanted to let you all know that this place makes MORE than just cyber-
friends.  Me and Janine from Vancouver met this weekend in NYC.  She is so
cool!  We had so much fun!  We walked all over the city, ate, tested, compared
notes, talked about life, men, diabetes.  We have a LOT in common - and not
JUST diabetes and glasses!  We have similar likes, dislikes, things we collect
- wow!!

We were waiting for the train and she was going low - even though we had just
eaten - she had less carb than she was expecting, so I shared grape dex tabs,
which she canít get in canada, and then we kinda looked at each other...and
walked over to the news stand and got paydays - you know - the nougat peanut
covered candy bar?  30 grams CHO?  you canít get those in canada either and
she had told me how much she adores those!  About an hour later, we were
wandering through Little Italy and went to Ferraraís - the famous Italian
bakery, and just looked at the cannoli, I guess we were feeling guilty (?)
about the payday.  we patted ourselves on the back for not indulging when we
probably high from the candy, then we checked - she was like 131 and I was 92!
We still didnít get them, but know we could have, thanks to the pump

Thanks Buddy fot telling me about this list, thanks Michael for putting it
together and thanks to the volunteers who make this work.

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