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[IP] Skydiving

     When I first started on the pump I was a student at Cornell University 
     and had a part time job writing a process and inventory control 
     program for a parachute manufacturer in Southern NJ.
     The upshot was I was flown by private plane two or three times a month 
     from school to his site.  After the first flight pilot decided to 
     teach me to fly since 'if you can program a computer you can certainly 
     fly a plane'.  Within another few weeks he offered to take me up on a 
     'jump' with a trainer from NASA, as long as I had my doctors OK.
     My doctor was fine with the idea as long as I gave him a 'drop doctor' 
     note before I jumped and NEVER claimed HE had OKd the jump.  He told 
     me that between the pump survival and my eyes (which at that point one 
     was just able to see again and other still hemoraging) he wanted no 
     part in this endevour.
     So I think another sport in order (although If oppurtunity arose I 
     might take a 'jump' at it)...

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