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[IP] Plastic vs metal catheters

     I started on the 'standard' metal caths 18 years ago and QUICKLY 
     (within a year) HAD to swap to something else.  Apparently, some 
     people (10%?) are allergic to the nickel in stainless steel!!
     I got a set of luer lock tubes and luer lock teflon IV caths and 
     survived with these until autosyringe or one of the other companies 
     woke up and made teflon catheters.  
     I seem to remember being told that problem with short sets is the 
     depth of insert.  Since almost all of us insert the caths at an angle 
     (and with the tenders I use a HUGE angle) I find it a little hard to 
     believe they couldn't make 'em shorter and just tell us to go straight 
     Oh well: try complaining to Minimed et al.  THey seem to be stuck on 
     researching their NEWEST toys (some of which are actually interesting) 
     rather than fix an almost working product.

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