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[IP] Sof-sets

The sof-sets are great - however - I was only able to insert and use one. I
bungled the other two needles - erros is how to use the sof-serter - not
removing the needgle guard.

I kept the one in for 5 days - but by morning of day 5 - my blood sugars
rose - so If I order them - I will use them for 4 days.
Called min-med for the silouhettes - hope they arrive soon.

My md visit at Joslin was good but I do not like driving there - my husband
took me for the visit but I do not want to have to rely on anyone else for
my md visits.

Will call Lamberton's offic ethis week for an appt - If I remember they
require a referral - can I use your name. When you hear aabout the CDE exam
- I assume that you passed with flying colors - of course if the
professionals designing the exam are not diabetic - they may get some of
the answers wrong.

Hope all is well.


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