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Re: [IP] Does anyone feel the way I do

    Just adding my own 2 cents to the "wealth" of excellent advice you've
already received... I hope by now you've contacted someone about getting
yourself some help in turning things around....So many people have already
responded ,telling you they've been where you are & WERE able to come back
from that "abyss" you must feel you're in...You are fortunate to have Brian by
your side, because he sounds incredibly loving and supportive, AND you also
have the concern, support & caring of many fellow pumpers who REALLY "get it"
as far as living with diabetes...You took the first CRUCIAL step Kerry in
reaching out to this board for help, in asking for reassurance that what
you're experiencing is NOT unique...
    As someone very wise once told me, it's NOT the people who seek "help" who
are "crazy"; it's the ones who DON'T,( but need to, and stubbornly refuse to
acknowledge that) , who are.....
    I hope today looks a little brighter to you....

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom- who didn't have to be diabetic to understand
what you're talking about!!)

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