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[IP] RE: Depression. . . .!!!!!

Hey gang,
    I sorry to say I have been so far behind I think I am ahead. I have not
been doing a very good job of reading my mail, to say the least, but I DID
get this this morning  and dropped all other priorities! !!!!
    As close as I can tell this is for Kerry. If you are this depressed you
definitely get yourself to your doctor ASAP. Believe me I know exactly what
you are talking about and just before going on my pump I had already written
all my good-bye's and was ready to do myself in and "Praise the Lord" I got
my pump. I was not that far out of control either! You don't have to be out
of control to get these self destruction moods. I have no idea what all of
your problems are but believe me that are not so bad that you can't fix
them. Get a handle on your diabetes and then take another look at life. It
is really GREAT but you have to get yourself to a better place to look at
from. The spot you are looking from now is the absolute  worse place to make
any decision. Trust me . . . . I have been standing in that EXACT spot and I
know. If you want to talk to me call me, collect if you have to. You can get
me at 409-283-2253. Seriously, I'm right here if you want to compare notes.
Talk to me.

Love ya,

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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