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[IP] re: skin irritations & allergies

Hi Laurel - 		

	Sorry to hear about your frustrations with skin allergies.... I too have
had some difficulties with the sets - wings, IV 3000 tapes, polyskins - all
of the above, so it seems.  I did not develop this "allergy" instantly but
instead after about 4 months.... I tried just about all of the suggested
tips (different tapes, skin preps, "sandwiching", etc..) all without much
relief.  For me the itching eventually extended well beyond the site - my
entire torso, it seemed.  It got to the point where I feared the worst -
<play horror movie music here>... "impending return to MDI" ;)!!  Oddly
enough, I moved my sites off my abdomen (to my leg) & suddenly discovered
that I did NOT react there (for *whatEVER* odd reason!) - hmmmm....  If I
return to my abdomen, I itch like MAD!  I also am now using the Silhouettes
(Comfort) sets about half the time, and am NOT reactive to that small bit
of tape (perhaps that is Hypeflex(sp?)? - however, maybe it's just me but I
can get some irritation from those directly AT the cannula insertion site.
Seems like it moves around a bit,(?) I don't know...

	Anyway, this has been my experience.  Don't know if it will be helpful to
you at all, but certainly many of us can empathize!  If life were easy,
we'd all be bored.  :)  Wishing you a speedy resolve of your allergy dilemma. 


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