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Re: [IP] Does anyone feel the way I do

Kerry -

Please know that we all care about you and are anxious to hear that you are
getting help. As one whose been on Prozac for a long time, I can testify to
how much better you will feel whether it be meds, therapy, or both. We care
too much to see you in such pain. Since I'm several hours behind getting
this, I hope you have already given someone a call. Your MD can recommend
someone, so can a pastor or priest. Good luck...my thoughts and prayers are
with you.

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Date: Sunday, May 17, 1998 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Does anyone feel the way I do

>Most of us have felt the same way you do at one time or another in our
>Things can seem so overwhelming.  Please listen to the valuable suggestion
>this support group.  You need to have someone to talk to today, right now.
>Don't way to see if you feel better later.  There's tons of
>out in the market today, plus you are surrounded by people who care enough
>help you through the rough spots.  God bless you and I'll say a prayer for
>Judy P.
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