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Re: [IP] talk @ brain damage...

> Please tell me someone else has done this...I was soooo mad at
>  myself!!!  When I get undressed after work I have noticed a few times
>  that the tubing is all caught up in the clip.  Does everyone keep that
>  clip on?!?!?  Do some people NOT use it?!?!? 


Yes, I've done it too.  You can also get a "no delivery" alarm if you route
the tubing up and over your waistband, under your belt, and into your front
pocket, and bolus while you are sitting down.  I guess the insulin backs up as
it tries to go through all those tight curves.

However, I DO often remove the clip and wear my pump in my front pocket, as
long as my pants aren't too tight.  I am fairly "short-waisted" and the pump
pokes me in the ribs if I wear it on my waistband.

What type of clothes do you wear at work?  If you have to go with dressy or
tailored clothes, maybe you can cut a small slit in the lining of a pocket and
route the tubing through that.  

Mary Jean

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