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Re: [IP] Teflon Allergy & Bg Target Qs

On Sat, 16 May 1998, Laurel & Wayne Sedgwick wrote:
> Has anyone here experienced an allergy to the teflon cannula (as opposed to
> various types of tape)?  My CDE says this is possible, though rare.
> My SofSet site has started itching again, and now that I don't have so much
> tape on it, it seems to me that the itch is definitely located under the
> "wings," if not right where the cannula is!
> The site is not sore or red, so I'm not worried about infection, and my
> blood sugars have been responding acceptably.  The itch is not intolerable,
> but it is not insignificant either.
Numerous members have reported allergy to the tape on the 'wings'

Janet's solution was to put non-allergenic tape down 'before' applying 
the set. i.e. put the set through the tape. I don't recall the exact name 
of the non-allergenic tape, I think it is IPV 3000 or something like 
that. I'm sure a message will appear with the right name.

RE targets: there's nothing wrong with 14o as a target to start with but 
250 is a bit high. The target band can be much narrower i.e. 140 to 180
you will miss the target often so it is not terribley important. What you 
don't want to do is try to constantly bolus or eat glucose to follow the 
target. On regular, an adjustment more often than every 4 - 5 hours is 
probably unwise if you are high unless you are above 200 - 250
For Humalog, the time can be reduced to 2 - 2.5 hours. You should discuss 
this with your health care team and make them explain their reasoning. 
They probably just don't want you to 'chase' the bg values and have not 
clearly explained that or the mechanisms involved in short term bg 

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