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[IP] Teflon Allergy & Bg Target Qs

Hi, again.

Has anyone here experienced an allergy to the teflon cannula (as opposed to
various types of tape)?  My CDE says this is possible, though rare.

My SofSet site has started itching again, and now that I don't have so much
tape on it, it seems to me that the itch is definitely located under the
"wings," if not right where the cannula is!

The site is not sore or red, so I'm not worried about infection, and my
blood sugars have been responding acceptably.  The itch is not intolerable,
but it is not insignificant either.

If I do have an allergy to the cannula, is switching to a bent needle
likely to help?  The section in PUMPING INSULIN that discussed skin
irritation seemed to me to be suggesting that a metal needle was *more*
likely to cause irritation than a teflon cannula.  

After my first full day of pumping, I am already impressed and definitely
would not want to have to give it up!  My husband says I seem more
energetic and alert, and it seems to me that I am much less tired, in spite
of a long, busy day.  (Normally, after a week of work, on Saturday I am
totally wiped out by early afternoon and have to nap or veg-out the rest of
the day.)  Could this be real?  My blood sugars were actually quite high
all day (mostly mid-200s; see below), though they were also pretty stable.

Which brings me to my second question.  When you first started pumping,
what sorts of preliminary blood sugar goals were you given?  Right now my
team doesn't want me to go below 140 and considers 250 acceptable.  I have
a tendency to go low easily, and they are concerned that I not get into
rollercoasting, but this still seems pretty high to me.  Also, what is a
normal target Bg or Bg range for an established pumper?  Or is this a
totally YMMV sort of thing? I have been told that mine will be 140, but
again that sounds kind of high.  (Of course, on MDI, I would have KILLED
for a consistent 140!)

Thanks for your helpful feedback!


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