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Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Breakfast & High bgs

> Some of the details are interesting. For example, my instincts tell me that
> a bowl of Wheaties is "better" for me than a bowl of Sugar Frosted Flakes.
> Wrong - OOO!! According to the GI of these foods, the opposite is true (I
> hope I got the details on these two cereals right - I don't eat a lot of
> cereal, so I might need to change this statement when I get home and look
> this stuff up).
> Learning a bit about the Glycemic Index showed me that a baked potato with
> sour cream might affect my BG less than if I had omitted the sour cream
> (the fat in the sour cream can help stem the rise in BG caused by the high
> GI baked potato).

I admit, the glycaemic index seems at first glance to be throwing us all into the
arms of the cardiologists as it appears we should be adding more fat to our diet as a means to lower the glycaemic index of a particular food.  Having had the opportunity to speak with Jenny Brand (who carried out the studies on the glycaemic indexes) I feel a little more comfortable with the concept.  The approach that we take in Australia ( I have diabetes and am a dietitian) is to still follow a lower fat diet and to have a low glycaemic meal (not individual food item) as often as possible.  The effect of having a low glycaemic meal lasts longer than that particular meal.  Rather than adding the sour cream ( or only adding a small amount - as it tastes good!!!) consider including a good low glycaemic food item into that meal and it will then change the value of the whole meal.  I try to have pasta once a day - if at lunch, it will offer some buffering for the evening meal. This could be some pasta salad or a hot pasta dish.  Rather than apple pie that has a high glycaemic index due to the pastry I make apple crumble with rolled oats in the topping.  That way I can still have a little ice cream with the dessert.

Hope this helps.  Try getting the GI down for your snacks too and this will give you a little more freedom for the main meals - an still keeping the heart healthy.

Jennifer from DownUnder

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