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RE: [IP] I'm Official!

>>>>>It almost seems like my pump has a personality or
aura about it.<<<<<

Congrats on the start up Laurel!  Funny, but when I tried the pump with
saline for a few days, I noticed the same thing!  And Kristina did too
when I let her sleep with it one night!  She made the thing a bed and
little blanket to sleep with!  hehehehehe  That feeling must be why
people are soooo attached to their pump!  LOL  Keep up the good work!!

And Hugs and Prayers for your lost kitty!  We're missing one too!  and
he NEVER wanders away from home!  Since we're way out in the country,
I'm afraid a snake or other animal may have gotten him...  my worst
fear!  Hopefully it isn't true though and he'll come home soon!


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