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[IP] A special Monday night Pump chat!!

Hi Everyone,

I have a special request!  Disetronic is having a large sales meeting in
Denver this weekend!  In fact, I'm told that ALL of Disetronic is
there!  They are interested in seeing how their new live chat is working
and what we pumpers, pre-pumpers, and wanna-be pumpers think of it and
what questions and concerns we have about the pump!  Maybe this is a
good opportunity to let them know what improvements or changes we'd like
to see too!

This is your chance to talk to DISETRONIC!!  Not just one rep but ALL
the reps AND their bosses!!  If you ever had anything you wanted to ask
about or tell them about, Monday night will be the time to do it!  Join
us at 9pm EDT (8pm CDT, 7pm MDT, 6pm PDT and 11am Tuesday in Sydney,
Aus) at Disetronic's new live chat located at
http://www.disetronic.com/chat/index.html  on Monday night!  Try not to
be late!  The main body of the group will be in a meeting as they visit
with us and won't have time to chat all night!  So 9pm Eastern on Monday

Hope to chat with you then!


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