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[IP] Pumps & Scuba Diving

Michael, this message bounced back to ip-admin>

> I use the MM 507 with humalog.  I am about to take my first open water
> scuba diving trip.  Using Humalog in the pump, we can only be off of it
> for about an hour.  My dives my last longer than that.  Has anyone else 
> out there had this problem and if so, how did you handle it?  Thanks,

Be very carefull.  Take several of the sealed twist-off plastic
glucose gel tubes with you so if you start to feel low, you can open
one and gulp it down.

Scuba is a relatively low stress sport (as opposed to free diving).
You primary concern will be energy loss due to 'direct' skin contact
with the water (even with a wet suit). You probably will not need ANY
insulin and may need as much as 15 to 50 grams of carbo an hour to
offset the energy loss due to thermal conduction.  My daughter Lily
needs about 30 grams an hour in 82 degree water  (Hawaii, no
wetsuit). You should target bg's a little higher than normal and take
you pump off a little before getting in the water to avoid going low.
My data is only from my daughter, but the effect is immediate, YMMV

Michael <email @ redacted>

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