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[IP] Humalog going off (was:Keeping the Site Sterile)

Laurel wrote:
> doing!  I suppose it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to fill the
> syringe with enough humalog to last for 2 or 3 set changes, though, since
> the humalog might start to go bad.  Or did we decide it was the site that
> goes bad *with* humalog, and not the humalog itself?

I'm not convinced that the Humalog in the pump can go "bad" after a few
days. Has any anyone really tested this theory? If true, then the
Humalog in an Injection Pen would also go bad if it's carried in your
jacket pocket for a few days, since it's exposed to the same body
temperature and shaking around. But that's never been a problem.

Or could the plastic cartridge in the Minimed be chemically reacting
with the Humalog? Any thoughts anyone?

For me it's definitely the site that goes. Instead I mix a bit of
Regular with it, and sometimes get 7 days from a site.

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