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Re: [IP] pumps and scuba diving

Hi Greg-

I took my scuba training last summer.  This was BEFORE I started on my
pump.  Here's a summary of my scuba diving experience.....BARF, BARF,
BARF AND MORE BARFING.  Perhaps, I should elaborate, read on:

I love the water and love to swim, and we have a time share in Mexico
right next to the ocean.  Scuba diving seemed like a fun hobby to
start.  I took an official PADI course.  You will need your dr. to fill
out a form because you are a diabetic.

Passed all my written tests with flying colors.  Took 2 days of pool
training on a Saturday & Sunday.  Open water dives were scheduled for
the following weekend.  Everything went great.  I stopped and tested a
few times during the pool training.  Bg's were good.  Kept snacks close
by in case I needed them.  Got out of the pool after the 2nd day of
class, and thought I just felt "tired."  By the time I got back to the
locker room to shower, I felt dizzy & nauseous.  Started barfing,
couldn't stop for almost 30 minutes.  Barf, barf, barf and more barfing.

Pulled myself together, rode home with my hubby.  Got home around 6:00
p.m.  Barfed some more.  Took the dog for a walk and barfed again.  I'm
thinking, oh nooooo I'm getting the flu.  Started testing my bg every
hour, it just kept climbing.  I compensated with small shots of R, but
didn't want to over compensate as I simply could not keep ANYTHING down.
Even if I drank a sip of water, I barfed. 

Tried to lay down and sleep (kept the waste basket by my bedside). 
Every time I moved, I barfed.  Gave up on sleeping.  Just barfed all
night.  I figured out that I had actually barfed in every single toilet
and sink in my house by now.  I started to get quite concerned.  By 6:00
a.m., I couldn't go anywhere with out my "trusty waste basket."  I told
my husband I was staying home from work.  He left for work and promised
to call later to see how I was doing.  By 7:00 a.m. I just couldn't take
it anymore.  I mean in all reality, just HOW MUCH can one person
barf???  It had been almost 18 hours since I'd eaten anything or kept
anything down.

Called my husband, can't reach him.  Called the ER, they told me to come
in.  Called my dad and a friend hoping to get someone to drive me to the
ER to no avail.  Stuck the "trusty wastebasket" between my lap and
steering wheel and drove myself.  Pulled up to the stop sign by my
house, and barfed.

Walked into the ER, the receptionist says can I help you?, "YA" I
replied, then barfed on her desk.  She says, "Ahhhh I think I'll call a
nurse."  The nurse sets me in a while chair, and off we go.  Well by now
I've figured out that every time I MOVE, I barf.  So the wheelchair ride
was a pretty barfy one.  The dr. comes in to see me and had me stand up
and move around, yeah you guessed it..... I barfed on his shoes.  And
yep, I barfed on the ER nurse too.

Takes him 3 minutes to figure out that Scuba diving has sent me into a
fit of Vertigo.  By now I'm sooooo dehydrated it takes them 5 HOURS to
get the IV in me.  And yes, I barfed on every poor health professional
who came in to stab me.  FINALLY, they get some Radiologist who's
supposed to be some kind of IV guru to insert the IV.  FINALLY they get
it in.  By now, I'm thinking this is it.  I'm gonna DIE from BARFING and
NOT from diabetic complications.  How ironic.

It was 3 days before I could keep solid food down.

Vertigo happens when all the little hairs inside your ear canals are
going the wong way.  Seems the pressure equalization exercises you go
through in scuba training caused some disturbance with me.  Results of
vertigo: dizziness, imbalance, nausea, and barf, barf, barf, and barf
some more.

So there you have it.  Becky's Barfing Scuba diving story.

Now, I just snorkel.

Good luck with Scuba endeavors.  Hope I didn't scare you.

P.S.  When I asked my dr. about scuba diving again, he replied:  "only
if you call me first."  I asked him why.  He said, "So I can wait here
in the ER for you with a bucket."  Guess he didn't want his shoes to get
messed up again.

Becky D.

greg taylor wrote:
> I use the MM 507 with humalog.  I am about to take my first open water
> scuba diving trip.  Using Humalog in the pump, we can only be off of it
> for about an hour.  My dives my last longer than that.  Has anyone else
> out there had this problem and if so, how did you handle it?  Thanks,
> Greg
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