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Re: [IP] certification programs.....

I love your posts -- you remind me of another CDE that I have worked with
and love.  Have you ever considered teaching?  This may be the only ethical
way that we have a hope of cloning you.  There are too many other certified
trainers who are CDE's who use only the cookbook approach.  While it is
probable that they have too many patients, it's frustrating when you have
the interest, intelligence and general knowledge that leads to the "why"
questions to only be slapped down.  The other CDE I speak of taught 1/2 time
and saw those of us fortunate enough to get her for the other "supposedly"
1/2 time.  Maybe there isn't really time lift for life.  I think that many
would benefit from learning through you though.  Thanks, and
Take care,
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><<  I agree 1000% with you that trainers MUST be trained. >>
>I periodically work with some pumpers who went on the pump prior to my
>involvement.  One woman said, " you know, when I got this pump I had a lot
>training on "how" , but nothing about "why".  We then worked on fine tuning
>her basals and learning CHO counting. She still has some complications that
>are permanent, but feels she now has better control.   I am thankful that I
>able to help.
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