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Re: [IP] Keeping the Site Sterile

Laurel & Wayne Sedgwick wrote:
> I went back and reread the bit about cutting a hole in the tape, and it
> still seems to me they are talking about SofSets.  Perhaps the idea is to
> substitute a different tape (with handmade hole) for the "donut" tape that
> comes with each insertion package.

OOPS, sorry, I've been using Comforts for 3.8 years of my 4.5 years of 
pumping, and forgot the details of SofSets. 
> I told my CDE about your using the syringes till the markings wear off, and
> she was properly horrified.  <VBG>  

I find this attitude so silly, a regular daily shower is the ONLY
I use, besides the sterilized packaged supplies, and I've NEVER had a site
through 38 years of shots, 4.5 years pumping and 13 years of daily blood tests.
I wonder how many controlled diabetics she;s actually SEEN have a site

Actually, my former endo (before I moved here last fall) agreed with my tactics,
would his father, who had been my endo before him. Reality has a strange way of 
escaping medical folks!

She said I had to promise to behave
> until they had me off on a good start, and then not to tell her what I was
> doing!  I suppose it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to fill the
> syringe with enough humalog to last for 2 or 3 set changes, though, since
> the humalog might start to go bad.  Or did we decide it was the site that
> goes bad *with* humalog, and not the humalog itself?

Others say it's the site, I don't find that myself. I've had Humalog go bad, 
changed the syringe for another with fresh Humalog, and got back on track. 

> I feel good about my pump start.  Even the site feels strangely comfortable
> . . .  Must be that newbie pumper "high" I've been hearing about!

I thought it was supposed to KEEP us from having "highs"!  VBG!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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