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Re: [IP] Keeping the Site Sterile


Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Actually, that's for a different kind of set, the
sets (all the same make, just different labels) that need to be clear of
tape since the disconnect is built into the base. Doesn't really appl to

I went back and reread the bit about cutting a hole in the tape, and it
still seems to me they are talking about SofSets.  Perhaps the idea is to
substitute a different tape (with handmade hole) for the "donut" tape that
comes with each insertion package.

You wrote:

>But could this compromise the sterility of the site? 

No, because the sterile area is where the canula (Teflon or steel needle) 
enters the skin, and the hole is around it. Actually people will put on
a layer of tape then push a Sofset thru the middle of it in order to avoid 
the tape they're allergivc too, including the small tape on the SofSet

This makes sense.  And actually, even for my saline trial, I did stick the
Sofset through a small piece of tape, but I also removed the little
adhesive tab from the wings because it seemed to be partly responsible for
the irritation.
> Also, am I correct to assume that it is okay to use tubing and syringes
> several set changes?

Yes, though with the SofSets it doesn't gain you anything to reuse the
since the canula bae comes paired with each tube, and the base needs to be 
replaced every several days. Syringes, as when not pumping, can be used
times over. I tend to use mine till the markings wear off, never had a
with it.

I told my CDE about your using the syringes till the markings wear off, and
she was properly horrified.  <VBG>  She said I had to promise to behave
until they had me off on a good start, and then not to tell her what I was
doing!  I suppose it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to fill the
syringe with enough humalog to last for 2 or 3 set changes, though, since
the humalog might start to go bad.  Or did we decide it was the site that
goes bad *with* humalog, and not the humalog itself?

I feel good about my pump start.  Even the site feels strangely comfortable
. . .  Must be that newbie pumper "high" I've been hearing about!


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