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Re: [IP] Re: viagra via pump

O.K. now it's time for a news update ...

When the news about Viagra was released, I couldn't help but wonder, would
there be "side effects" ...

We now have a lot of men running around with new "vigor" and "enthusiasm"
with the capability to back it up. This is truly great news. But alas, what
about the old traditional excuse of "Not now, dear, I've got a terrible
headache". Think of the dilemma ...

Alas, hope has sprung once again from the vials of the drug industry, with
the announcement today of a new "Super Aspirin".  The announcement of this
new drug comes close on the heels of the Viagra announcement within the
past several weeks. According to published news reports, the FDA has
approved a "Super Aspirin", supposedly designed to prevent blood clots.

The new drug is called "Aggrastat", (which sounds suspiciously like
"Aggravate" to the untrained ear). According to manufacturers Merck & Co.,
the super aspirin could prevent up to 40,000 heart attacks and deaths. A
little bit of reading between the lines of the press release makes it
obvious that this drug really hopes to prevent up to 40,000 *BROKEN* hearts
per year.

Details at 11:00 ;-)


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Wayne wrote:

>Becky, now that Bob has his basal viagra figured out, I wonder how he
>calculates his boluses!   It is interesting (curious?) that the time to
>peak action (about 1 hour) is similar for humalog and viagra.   :-)

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