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[IP] Humalog vs Velosulin

Could someone please explain the timing differences of Humalog and Velosulin
in the pump?  I know H kicks in sooner and is gone sooner (about 4hrs).  But
it's also not buffered, so it's more fragile.  Am I right that Velosulin is
buffered and acts like Regular?  About 6ish hours vs. 4 for Humalog?  What
about the peak for Velosulin?  Would you need to bolus and wait a bit to eat?
Is Velosulin tempermental like Regular in that you really don't know from one
day to the next when it is going to kick in?  I really like the predictability
and fast-action of Humalog, but want to know more about Velosulin before we
decide which to use.  Any help would be appreciated.

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