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Re: [IP] Lab rat again

Thanks Ted -- but I'd already gone to town when you sent this.  I put my
site about where I said I would, so I bolused and took it off.  Actually he
had oredered a full abdominal again, so it wouldn't have mattered where I
had put the set.  No big deal.  Thanks for the advise.
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From: Ted Quick <email @ redacted>
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Date: May 15, 1998 06:31 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Lab rat again

>LBE FSD wrote:
>> I got called as I was walking out of my last day at work by "my" doctor's
>> office.  Actually it was a gastro wanting me to have a follow-up
>> I think they are worse data gatherers than I am.  Anyway, do I need to do
>> anything different for an ultrasound on my liver?
>As far as I know it shouldn't bother your pump or anything else. They just
>put a transducer against your skin and pump in some ultrasonic sound, which
>too high a pitch for any human to hear, and read the echoes with the
>It like sonar, if that tells you anything.
>To be perfectly honest, I
>> don't even know where it is, although I think on the side (left??).
>Actually it's right across the middle of your belly, slightly taller to the
>right side.
> I'll do
>> a site change in the morning anyway and my next one will be about front
>> center (above the waist,  about 1/2 way up), but if any of you night-owls
>> have any words of wisdom, I will, as always, appreciate them.  I don't
>> that there will be any reason to have to take my pump off, will there?
>No. I'm not sure where they want to put the transducer, but sure they can
>around your infusion set.
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