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[IP] Low sugars and brain damage

     I don't really know the ins and outs BUT
     Over the last 38 years I've been revived from lows over a dozen times.
     I have walked around with blood sugars in the 30s and even 20s 
     (according to the QID which I trust) and not known it until my wife or 
     kids indicates to me that I should take a test (when my emotional 
     state doesn't send me off the roof at the suggestion).
     I know that some of my memory is pretty flaky.
     Is there any 'help' for such damage??  Has anyone tried any memory 
     aids or diet related or anything??
     If anyone has a WORKING system, please send me a copy of answer to 
     list (since I think this is an everyone would LOVE to know if 
     something actually WORKS item).
     email @ redacted

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