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RE: [IP] Fwd: DIABETES STUFF.........

I just talked to one of the people coordinating the Gluco Watch trial and
thought I would share some information.  The current study is full, they
have about 60 people coming in for a 14 hour day.  They will have the gluco
watch test their blood sugar every half hour or hour.  However, the version
of the watch that they have does not display the results, it only stores
them internally.  At the same time that the watch tests you, they will also
do a check with either a meter or send a sample to the lab.  After the day
is over, they send the watch back to the company, who is able to download
the data and analyze it in comparison with the blood tests.  During the day,
you are supervised by a CDE and all your meals are provided.  They will
cause your sugar level to go low and go high during the course of the day to
test the watch at different ranges.  You do get $300 plus they provide
entertainment for the day.

Although the current study is full, they are taking names and numbers for
future studies that they will be doing.  Also, she said that you should be
local to the Contra Costa / Bay Area.  She was getting calls from the LA
area, but that was too far away.

- Jodi

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	 Carolyn Biondo the nurse in charge of the testing
	procedures for the Contra Costa Medical Group, East Bay Clinical
	Center.  Cygnus is going to test a pre-release version of the Gluco

	The requirments are that you be on insulin and that you arrange to
	to the Center prior to your test date for a physical by the lead Dr.

	They will also be testing your blood panel.  The testing begins at
	AM and continues till 9PM in the evening.  For this you will earn a
	stipend of $300.

	Carolyn asked me to post a message for anyone who wants to
	and meets the criteria of insulin use.   

	If you want more information and live in CA, or wherever, call 

	Carolyn Biando at 925-687-8860/Fax is 925-687-1570.

	Carolyn said they are going to test 12 people per session.  I do not
	know how many sessions there will be.   


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