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Kasey -- 

Call your endo again. No response in 2 hours is inexcusable. I hate
that. When I went to the hospital for childbirth, they wouldn't start my iv
(or do anything else!) until they got my endo's orders for insulin. It took
her TWO HOURS to call back. I know how long 2 hours is!! Forever!! 

In the meantime, it sounds (to me, a non-medical professional) like Kayla
has a stomach virus. What would you do if she weren't diabetic? I,
personally, would drink regular soda, probably coke, and take insulin for
the carbs. 

Coke is easy on the stomach, somehow the carbonation is settling, and the
sugar helps keep you OUT of ketosis. (If you don't eat anything, your body
starts to break muscle and fat for glucose, even in non-diabetics. That's
ketosis. It can start after missing only 1-2 meals.) Plus the liquid might
help her keep hydrated, even though soda is usually a diuretic. 

Other foods usually recommended for a stomach virus are popsicles and
jello. You can buy premade jello in little cups. 

You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. Keep checking her bs every
30-60 min and give her insulin if she's still high. Use the insulin-used
rule, but assume she'll need an extra 25% insulin because she's sick.

Let us know if you need anything. If you want to reach me, send me private
email. I read the digest and it only comes 1-3x per day.


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