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Re: [IP] In Quest of Alternate Tape

> I have been trying to run down some of the suggested alternatives to the
> tapes that came with the sofsets.  And I have discovered that this is not
> the easiest thing to do!  
> Where do you folks who can't use the "regular" tapes get your alternates? 

Once you know what kind of tape you want, you can order it over the
phone. I have to order mine from whichever medical supply company my
insurance dictates (and it changes frequently!). 

Minimed will send you free samples of any products they sell. That includes
IV3000 tape and IV Prep. (IV Prep is Skin Prep plus an antibacterial
dressing, all in 1 pad.) Just call and ask. 

> PS--Lifescan is sending me one of their new Fast Take meters for free, and
> would probably do the same for anyone who called to inquire.  I was

I'll second this. Lifescan is usually quite happy to send out meters to
their customers. I haven't asked about a Fast Take meter, but I got a new
Profile as a replacement for my last One Touch 2 when it died. (They
commented that my then-current OT2 was a replacement meter, and I said,
yes, about every 2 years my meter died and they had to send me a
replacement. Then I asked how to get a Profile and the rep said he'd just
send me one.)

So what's the difference between the Fast Take and their other meters?

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