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[IP] Re: viagra via pump

Becky, now that Bob has his basal viagra figured out, I wonder how he
calculates his boluses!   It is interesting (curious?) that the time to
peak action (about 1 hour) is similar for humalog and viagra.   :-)

<<<<From: Becky Draper <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: I don't hide it, was: Re: [IP] casting call

Oh Bob, I'm really cracking up here (can you hear me laughing!!!).
Viagra in gallon containers?? Dispensed with a pump!!!  Tooooo funny.

Becky D.

> Not me! I just let it hang right out there! I have only had a couple
> questions about it in over two years. Sometimes if I'm standing in a check
> out line at the grocery, I'll notice someone looking at it. I've never
> really made an effort to hide it though. If asked, I'll probably come up
> with some cornball answer like "I buy my Viagra in gallon containers and
> dispense it slowly". <vbg>

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