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[IP] certification programs.....

     Oh boy.... Don't get me started.....
     Barbara: I agree 1000% with you that trainers MUST be trained.  I have 
     had experience with at least a dozen 'installation engineers' (what I 
     call the people who are supposed to teach us how to wear a pump) and 
     based on my experiences have chosen NOT to have anyone for the 
     majority of my pump changeovers.
     The truth is, I don't think there was a rep for the first three or 
     four pumps I had from AutoSyringe or at least they wern't very vocal 
     during the training (which was done by a combo of the doctor and a 
     nurse).  Since then I've plodded my own way thru with help from 
     engineers at various companies and this line.
     If anyone wants a NONPROFESSIONAL opinion on the pump and how to wear 
     and care and whatnot it, please ask.  I'll happily tell all I know (or 
     at least pretend to) to anyone silly enough to listen.
     Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman
     *** If at first you don't succeed you weren't trying hard enough! ***
     *** A doctor has G-d given permission to help CURE a patient
         It is not within his domain to tell a patient he "won't make it"
         or to predict bad things happening.  All a doctor can do is tell
         a patient he is NOT A GOOD ENOUGH DOCTOR to help him and possibly
                      help him find another BETTER doctor!!!  ****

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