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[IP] Re: ruth is right

ruth, i agree with you 100%.  in fact i agree with just about everything
you've written.  i think you're a very wise woman.  i have been on the pump
for 2 years and wouldn't trade it for a million bucks, but sometimes the
parents that write in kind of make me uneasy.  they do act like the pump is
going to solve most or their child's problems.  i hope it does, but diabetes
is more complicated than that. i do not want to offend any parents and maybe i
have because i know all parents just want what is best for their children.  i
certainly want that for mine.  i can't even imagine what parents go thru.  i
always just think from the diabetic person's perspective.  i was in the endo's
office and a mother checked her child's bg about 3X in an hour.  the child was
on the pump and about 3 years.  i kept thinking how was that child going to
feel in 10 years about checking his bg.  do endos make parents feel like if
their child has a 300 bg they are going to have bad complications or do
parents just put this on themselves?  just curious.  ellen  
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