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Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 11:19:56 -0500
Subject: any word on credit-card sized pump?
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Message from Kelly Shaughnessy

 Two things:

 1.  I heard today that UCSF is working on a credit-card sized pump.
 Has anyone heard anything like this, or about any other pumps in the
 works?  Apparently it isn't being made by either Minimed or Dysetronics.
 Please zap me if you hear of anything.

 2.  By the way, I can confirm that the holdup overseas in the Minimed
 implantable pump is the insulin.  The pump itself is approved there
 (the implantable pump) but the insulin, which is being made by Hoechst,
 isn't being sold right now because it needs to be fine-tuned.  They're
 in  the  process of finishing this; I understand there was a temporary
 issue related to environmental concerns.

 My own endo here in the Bay Area (who is absolutely outstanding, for
 anyone who needs a good one in this area--Dr. Prendergast, who does
 most  patient management via e-mail--just great!) had 11 people testing
 this pump and all said it 'twas absolutely outstanding.'  In fact, they
 are  all still on it; from what I understand, the people who went through
 clinicals are having insulin 'specially made for them by the company,
 so  we know it can be done.

 Kelly L. Shaughnessy
 Merrill Lynch Fundamental Equity Research
 (415) 274-8294
 (415) 274-8255 (fax)
 mailto:email @ redacted

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