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Re: [IP] speed of insulin

sara,  i had to LOL at your post about changing basals with the moon and the
bus schedule or whatever.  that is exactly how i feel.  i have never had a
consistent pattern unless i do nothing all day and eat little--this is a very
tiresome disease.  i'm glad i'm strong or i would be tired all the time--kind
of like i was before the pump.  i have some advice about insulin speed
however.  my insulin has a slow onset time, even H.  R takes about an hour or
two and H takes1/2 to 1 hr.  unless i run and then it works fast.  if i wake
up with a hi bg like 300-400, i take H with a syringe directly in the muscle.
this makes the insulin work much faster.  i find i can bring my bg down very
quickly with this method.  my endo advised against it but it works so well for
me i still do it.  he also did not give me a convincing reason not to.  anyone
else do this?  ellen  
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