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[IP] Who do you know that's diabetic?

> Found this site and thought I'd pass it along.  Had a lot of people I had no
> idea were diabetic.  Wonder how many wear pumps?  Wouldn't that be great to
> get famous people to be "pump spokesmen"?
>  <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/6830/famedm.html">Famous
> Diabetics</A> 

Kasey, I think you'll find most of them are Type 2, ie not on insulin.
In my book, they count! They're not "one of us"...

There is one celebrity in Britain I do know of who is insulin dependent.
England international soccer player, Gary Mabbot. But he is forbidden
from discussing his diabetes in public, since this might affect his
market price as a professional player. He's shortly to retire from the
professional game (at 35!!!) and people are hoping he will then talk
about "life in the fast lane" with diabetes.

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