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Re: [IP] Glad

Mary Jean:
      I "second" your endorsement of this support network...As for the
"pointed" (that WAS a good one!) jokes, rest assured this board is not unique
on that score.  I spend the other 1/2 of my on-line time at the AOL Breast
Cancer board &  get a daily dose of hysterically funny jokes from that source.
Just like this group, that group has its "family squabbles" from time to time,
but nonethless remains an AMAZING source of support, of the up to the minute
scientific info (which lately seems to be changing by the hour!) of
compassion, encouragement, etc.  Last week someone even posted links to
websites on dealing with death, because sadly several of the Stage IV women
are facing that prospect... As with everything in life, NO ONE can truly
appreciate what you're going through, unless they too are walking in your
shoes.  What this board and that board and all the other support boards in
cyber -space do is to give us instant access to our "fellow travellers" on
whatever path life has chosen to put us on....And to quote an old phrase,
there is DEFINITELY strength in numbers: Just ask any of the "newbie" parents
who were encouraged & motivated to push past their first endo's opposition to
a pump for their child ,thanks to the support of this group here!!!
    Once again, found my way to my "soap-box"!!! LOL

]Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom) 
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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