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Re: [IP] Lab rat again

LBE FSD wrote:
> I got called as I was walking out of my last day at work by "my" doctor's
> office.  Actually it was a gastro wanting me to have a follow-up ultrasound.
> I think they are worse data gatherers than I am.  Anyway, do I need to do
> anything different for an ultrasound on my liver?  

As far as I know it shouldn't bother your pump or anything else. They just
put a transducer against your skin and pump in some ultrasonic sound, which is 
too high a pitch for any human to hear, and read the echoes with the machine.
It like sonar, if that tells you anything.

To be perfectly honest, I
> don't even know where it is, although I think on the side (left??). 

Actually it's right across the middle of your belly, slightly taller to the 
right side.

 I'll do
> a site change in the morning anyway and my next one will be about front and
> center (above the waist,  about 1/2 way up), but if any of you night-owls
> have any words of wisdom, I will, as always, appreciate them.  I don't think
> that there will be any reason to have to take my pump off, will there? 

No. I'm not sure where they want to put the transducer, but sure they can work
around your infusion set.

Ted Quick 
email @ redacted
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