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Re: [IP] Re: Breakfast & High bgs


My health care team mentioned to me several years ago that studies were
beginning to notice that many diabetics were not eating enough fat. This
was supposedly attributed to the dietary guidelines which were popular for
diabetics for so many years (restricted fat / carbohydrates). I have no
other details on this, since it was just a conversation during one of my

I do know that I don't tend to worry too much about the amount of fat I
eat, though. I think that having a "little bit of everything", including
what is often referred to as "less healthy" or "junk food" is not bad for
us over the long run.

I can't honestly say that my BGs are "ideal", but after 42 years with the
Big D, I have no complications. If we knew for certain what role my diet
played in this, it would be great information ;-)

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

>Your great description reminded me of a problem I keep running into when I
>this kind of thinking.  Look at your examples again:  they all involve
>bs normal by eating more fat, less healthy foods.  I find that when I get
my bs
>normal I start to feel slightly yuck from the way I'm eating.  Anyone else
>this problem?
>> Learning a bit about the Glycemic Index showed me that a baked potato with
>> sour cream might affect my BG less than if I had omitted the sour cream
>> (the fat in the sour cream can help stem the rise in BG caused by the high
>> GI baked potato).

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