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Re: [IP] High Bg's

At 11:28 PM 5/14/98 -0400, Wendy wrote:

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. This is a bit like getting your
driver's license, then running into terrible traffic jams the first time
out on your own ;-(

Every pumper is going to be different, especially when sick. I had a
terrible cold / flu thing last year and for 3 days my basals were increased
by 200 % over my normal rates. I couldn't believe it, but it was necessary
to keep my numbers in a manageable zone. They were still very high, but

You are also dealing with the fluctuations which most pumpers experience
when starting out. Sounds like your endo is making the proper suggestions.
Most pumpers take some time to get the basal rates adjusted. Boluses with
Humalog should help to knock down those high BGs. Remember that there is
nothing wrong with taking an injection of Humalog - it is sometimes the
best way to eliminate the possibility of pump / infusion set related issues
as the cause of your high BGs.

I think the general advice with antibiotics is to take them *as prescribed,
until the prescription is completely gone*. Many folks discontinue the meds
as soon as they start to feel better, which is often too soon.

I always try to drink a lot of water when my BGs are high like this, to
"flush out my system". It might be a good idea when you're feeling ill, if
you can tolerate it.

Hang in there, keep in touch with your health care team and the group. I
bet it gets better and easier soon ;-)

>I just started my pump on Monday, the Disetronic. All was well........my
>bg's were perfect all day. I did feel a little under the weather however. By
>Tuesday I was running a fever, had a terrible headache, and pain in my neck
>from swollen glands. I was running blood sugars up to 17.3 by dinner time,
>I'd upped my basal according to what my endo told me. It didn't help so I
>went to emergency. They did a throat culture and prescribed antibiotics and
>sent me home.
>    I doubled the first dose Tuesday before bed and have been taking them
>regularly since. However I am still running outrageous numbers, 20.3 at
>lunch, 16.5, 14.9! I spoke to my endo again today and he increased my basals
>again and had me start bolusing right away, 8 units (Humalog). I am so
>disappointed. I was so excited that first day. Now it's been crazy Tuesday,
>Wednesday, Thursday! Does anyone have an idea how long before antibiotics
>work to have an effect on your blood sugars? The throat swab has not come
>back from the lab yet and I guess it might be strep throat but I am no
>longer in pain but still running a fever. Even after 3 days of antibiotics?
>This is crazy.
>    Thanks for letting me whine. Wendy

Bob Burnett

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