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Re: [IP] Keeping the Site Sterile

Laurel & Wayne Sedgwick wrote:
> On the eve of pumping for real, I'm a little confused about keeping my
> insertion site sterile.
> Many tapes seem to be non-sterile.  I assume this is okay because they go
> atop the set.  I read somewhere, I think, that a covering tape will be more
> comfortable if you cut a set-sized opening in the center of it (for
> ventilation, I assume). 

Actually, that's for a different kind of set, the Silhouette/Tenders/Comfort
sets (all the same make, just different labels) that need to be clear of the
tape since the disconnect is built into the base. Doesn't really appl to

 But could this compromise the sterility of the
> site? 

No, because the sterile area is where the canula (Teflon or steel needle) 
enters the skin, and the hole is around it. Actually people will put on
a layer of tape then push a Sofset thru the middle of it in order to avoid 
the tape they're allergivc too, including the small tape on the SofSet base.

 Do I have to use the sterile tape collar supplied with the sof-set?
> Or can I cut some other tape, since I seem to be allergic to what is
> supplied?
> I'd appreciate a little guidance here.
> Also, am I correct to assume that it is okay to use tubing and syringes for
> several set changes?

Yes, though with the SofSets it doesn't gain you anything to reuse the tubing, 
since the canula bae comes paired with each tube, and the base needs to be 
replaced every several days. Syringes, as when not pumping, can be used several
times over. I tend to use mine till the markings wear off, never had a problem
with it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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