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Re: [IP] Glad

In a message dated 5/14/98 8:35:39 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

 Glad I found this place. New to being online. I am amozed at all the
 information available. I was begining to think I was all alone. I personally
 know no one else on the pump. I was slacking off but needed to realizr how
 important it is to take care of yourself, not only for me but for my family
 especially my toddler. thank God for a place like this. Sue >>


We're glad too.  All of us have wandered in, over the past year or so,
wondering what the list would be like, and have found it to be a GREAT source
of support and information.  Even though I've never met anyone on the list, I
consider some of these people to be among my best friends.  The continual
support has kept me motivated to try my best.

Welcome to the group!
Mary Jean
(who's wondering what newcomers must think of us with all the "pointed" jokes
running rampant! --  It's just a temporary diversion, I'm sure)  
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