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[IP] Keeping the Site Sterile

On the eve of pumping for real, I'm a little confused about keeping my
insertion site sterile.

Many tapes seem to be non-sterile.  I assume this is okay because they go
atop the set.  I read somewhere, I think, that a covering tape will be more
comfortable if you cut a set-sized opening in the center of it (for
ventilation, I assume).  But could this compromise the sterility of the
site?  Do I have to use the sterile tape collar supplied with the sof-set? 
Or can I cut some other tape, since I seem to be allergic to what is

I'd appreciate a little guidance here.

Also, am I correct to assume that it is okay to use tubing and syringes for
several set changes?

Many thanks.

--Laurel (about to become Official!)

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