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It's returned to me, (was) Re: [IP] I didn't hide it

At 03:24 PM 5/14/98 -0700, Sam wrote:

>Actually it was originally Bob Burnett's pump. I'll let him take credit...
>he may have greater need than I.
>At 05/13/1998 - 08:19 PM Becky Draper wrote:
>>Last night I had a great laugh with Sam's pump dispensing gallons of
>>viagra joke, and now tonight, I'm rolling on the floor howling at
>>Katie's somewhat "warped" addition to this joke.  My husband's in the
>>kitchen and can't figure out why I'm laughing so hard at my computer!
>>Thanks for the entertainment guys.
>>Becky D.


Oh, no - the moment I've been fearing!

I don't know which is worse - being credited as the originator of this
thread which is getting stranger by the day, or having all of cyberspace
thinking that I need this stuff by the gallon  -- *NOT*

To keep this on topic, my pump works just fine, than you very much ;-)

I'm glad we can all laugh together and sometimes at each other ;-)

Bob Burnett

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