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Re: [IP] Re: question

> My daughter will be going on the pump soon and I heard that the
> insulin in the pump goes bad in 3 days when its summer time and

Nope, the insulin is fine. The problem you have heard of is related 
to absorbtion of insulin at the infusion site.

Some Humalog users (my daughter included) lose the ability ot absorb 
the insulin after a few days (has nothing to do with the weather). 
Strategies to combat this problem include more frequent site changes 
or mixing Velosulin (regular) in smaller quantities with the Humalog, 
or just sticking to Velosulin.  Many folks like Humalog (my daughter 
does) because it can provide faster/better control so they are 
willing to put up with the additional hassle involved if they happen 
to suffer these site problems.

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