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[IP] Kayla's doing better!!!

Kayla turned the corner last night and woke up this morning feeling great!
Thanks to everyone who gave advice and support to me yesterday.  I was not in
my most positive mood to say the least!!

Judy C., Kim, and Melissa:  thanks for suggesting the Phenergan.  We keep it
stocked and a written prescription with her "bag".  Unfortunately, it doesn't
work for her anymore.  Doc says he's seen several cases where it doesn't work
anymore for those who use it frequently.  We've been through the hurl and
crash 11 times since August.  So I guess we used P. too much.  Who knows.

Greg:  I did call the pediatrician after hearing no response from the endo.  I
called the endo first because that's his SOP.  Ped. wanted me to bring her in.
For what? was my response.  Nothing they could do for her there that I
couldn't do at home unless she was getting dehydrated, which she wasn't.  He
couldn't answer my question which was about the insulin needs.

Betsy, Michael, and Katie:  Thanks for the suggestion to stop the NPH.
Unfortunately, I had given her the full morning injection an hour before she
got sick, so I was stuck with riding it out for the next 8-10 hours.  I did
use just Humalog to get her through the night.  I kept her sucking on glucose
tabs throughout the day and she didn't drop below 51.  

John:  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I realize that the illness
wasn't related to diabetes, but I did have to worry about that a.m. shot that
was still in her system.  I don't think the 385 bg caused her to get sick.  I
waited 45 minutes after her shot (she uses H) to get her to eat.  No one has a
clue as to why she gets sick like this.  Her ped. has run CBC's on her while
sick and there is no sign of infection.  No one else around her gets sick,
including her baby sister who's immune system is not fully developed, so they
don't think it's viral either.  Other tests have been run, but no answers.
The main reason I want to get her pumping is because she is sick so often.
Everyone I've talked to has told me that the pump makes managing illnesses so
much easier.  Where oh where is June 1st???

Roz, Rhonda, and Ken:  Thanks for the personal words of encouragement.  I'm
usually a "together" kind of person.  Yesterday just got to me because I
thought we were over all of this.  There are a lot of advancements out there
that hopefully will continue to improve the lives of diabetics.  The pump is
one of them.  But until there is a cure, we'll never rest easy when she gets

I'm glad I found this group!  Keep up the Viagra jokes!  :-)

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