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Re: [IP] drain bamage

At 05/13/1998 - 11:01 AM John Neale wrote:
>> WOW!   I kind of figured with lows that brain cells would be
killed...but my
>> endo would not confirm this.  No wonder I am goofy after one of those
>> episodes.  I can imagine it would be much worse for a child who is
>> Did someone say  I HATE THIS DISEASE!!!  
>> Sue Gordon
>Research shows that kids under 5 yo having bad hypos can reduce IQ in
>adult life by 5 points. So it's small but measureable.
>In older kids and adults it's only repeated really bad hypos, like in
>hospital in deep coma etc that can damage the brain. The bad headache
>and hangover of a "normal" hypo does no permanent damage believe it or
>not! The brain is a pretty robust organ... fjhd sk skjh skh
>flkjhewkwejkh skfskjhs yweoi ksdlkj glkj jkoweroo lkf lllkdsfjwliuf fk
>fkqpopqw kkskj  k sdjk kjhsdf  gkweghjk k dsjkf djhkweoi fk l ksdksd l

Uh... if this is true my IQ must be getting pretty close to zero by now.
Hmm!! That correlates with a few comments by my wife the other day... now
where did I put that bottle of insulin?? Warning!! Warning!!  Sensory
overload in progress... insufficient memory to process your last command...
please re-boot the system...

(I think that's my name... )

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