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Pump Mis-information (was)Re: [IP] (no subject)

   Thanks for presenting a very valid & clear explanation for the surprisingly
low #s of young diabetics on insulin pumps.  As you said, if prestigious,
reputable institutions (like Joslin in Boston and the Barbara Davis Center in
Colorado) are actively DISSUADING its use in kids until 12 (as if that's a
"magical age"), then no wonder endos in more remote communities aren't rushing
to put young children on pumps.  The latest issue of Diabetes Interview has an
article by Dr. Bruce Bode, whose practice in Atlanta has overseen 800
pumpers!!!!!!! He states that only 3-5% of Type I diabetics use insulin
pumps....So maybe this "vocal minority" here needs to spread the word to that
"silent majority" that there ARE other options available!!!
     I heard from a mom today whose 12 (13?) yr old daughter is about to start
pumping.  The mom did all her research & inundated her endo with everything
she could find on the Internet...and as a last resort, had the endo refused,
she was going to tell the endo she could HAVE her daughter for 2 wks & THAT
would surely change the doc's mind!!! LOL....  The daughter starts pumping in
2 wks!!!! 

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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