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Re: [IP] drain bamage

> WOW!   I kind of figured with lows that brain cells would be killed...but my
> endo would not confirm this.  No wonder I am goofy after one of those
> episodes.  I can imagine it would be much worse for a child who is growing!  
> Did someone say  I HATE THIS DISEASE!!!  
> Sue Gordon

Research shows that kids under 5 yo having bad hypos can reduce IQ in
adult life by 5 points. So it's small but measureable.

In older kids and adults it's only repeated really bad hypos, like in
hospital in deep coma etc that can damage the brain. The bad headache
and hangover of a "normal" hypo does no permanent damage believe it or
not! The brain is a pretty robust organ... fjhd sk skjh skh
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