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Re: [IP] humor

At 05/13/1998 - 04:42 PM Kim Huffman wrote:
>Sam wrote,
><<<It takes a lot of courage to try to infuse a little humor while
>taking a
>lot of needling. At least we are all well insulinated from the boluses
>errors of outrageous fortune. (sigh) Please feel free to inject yourself
>into this insane reaction.
>(Hmm!! I think the spaghetti needs a little more basal... )>>>>>
>Can't say I can top that one!  How about writing  a book that could be
>included with each new pump?  You could call it "Pump Humor", or "101
>Pump Jokes."  It could also include the "101 uses for extra tubing."

We could call it "Punping insulin? (with apologies to John Walsh & Ruth

(sigh) I try to control myself, but as my wife and son will very wearily
attest, I'm addicted to puns. It helps maintain my feeble sanity while
trying to deal with the harsher realities of every day living... like
trying to feed my constant insulin habit.

Sometimes it's difficult to be positive, especially when it seems like
everything is falling apart. This has been especially true following a
quintuple by-pass, over 3 years ago... this experience scared the ****
(plug in the expletive of choice) out of me. I think this why I decided to
be very pro-active about getting a pump... I want to get more control so I
have to deal with fewer side-effects (we won't even talk about the
(who's really a quiet & shy person... honest!)

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