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Re: [IP] re Kerry

Roz, Sorry about the delay in the update!  The results from all of the tests
are not in yet.  They also ran a leukemia test on Kerry because of the
nature of the previous results.  Fortunately, these results came back
negative.. These are also the only results that we currently have.

Also in regards to your reply on May 5th, Kerry has never tried the glucose
powder.  It has been the tabs and the gel that are ineffective.  And in the
great words of Michael, "WEIRD"!!  But as the saying goes YMMV.  It is not
that the tabs are ineffective b/c of the hypo unawareness, it is because
when her bg has dropped, she is not aware that it is so low, by then it is
then too late for the tabs and gel.  Now on a side note, we have been
checking around locally for the glucose powder and so far we have been
unsuccessful in locating it.  We do want to try the powder to see if it will
work on Kerry.  At the pharmacies that we have tried, they have said that
they had never even heard of glucose powder.  So the journey is still goes

FYI Kerry's last a1c was 4.3.

Hope to have more news later.

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Date: Tuesday, May 12, 1998 1:54 PM
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>Brian how did Kerry's tests go? Haven't heard from you two in a few days.
>Been thinking good thoughts and hope the test went well. Take care, Roz

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