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[IP] Breakable resevoirs

Wow Jodi!!  Do you have any idea how it broke??  Did you have the
resevoir filled to 150 or 300??  I was so disgusted with the thing
breaking so easily like that, that I just tossed it in the garbage!  I
still haven't told the rep about it and he hasn't even bothered to call
me since he visited me and set me up with the loaner!  Thank goodness
the extra insulin in the tubing didn't flow into you!  I think I worry
about that the most if this was ever to happen again!  Especially if the
broken resevoir went unnoticed!

I'd sure like to know what they say about their "unbreakable" resevoir!
People can come up with all kinds of excuses when it's a kid who breaks
it but an adult???  I'd like to hear THIS one!!!


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